RC Transmitters, Radios Helicopters & Frsky Taranis

The current craze of radio controlled devices knows no bounds these days, and transmitters play a major role. We, at HorusRC, offer superior rc transmitter that are loaded with the latest technologies that ensure reliability and superior range. The powerful devices come with RSSI (Receiver Signal Strength Indication), installed into the telemetry of receivers in order to guarantee seamless transmission of RC radio waves between transmitters and receivers. The transmitters not only monitor the reception quality of the RC helicopter but also alert the pilot before a critical situation arises. Our quality products are known to outperform many well-established brand names at a cost much lesser than theirs, making HorusRC the preferred site among its major competitors. The frsky taranis is a series of transmitters introduced by FrSky. One of the basic models was launched with an alternative feedback system and a card slot for unlimited memory extension. This model had the features of expensive transmitters like real-time flight data logging and super low latency at an unmatched price. The upgraded model of frsky taranis offers continuous monitoring of the reception quality of the aircraft and alerts the pilot in real-time. This helps to prevent the plane from losing signal and highlights the safety measures adopted by the minds behind the Taranis. The special edition comes with detachable SMA antenna, upgraded switches, and M9 hall sensor, adding to the functionality of the machine.