Hobbyists Like You
HorusRC delivers quality RC and hobby products through a convenient online platform. Being hobbyists like you, we know what you need and want. One challenge we always face in pursuing the hobbies we love is finding a place for all the components we need.
At HorusRC, you can be into remote controlled cars, boats, and planes, robotics, airsoft, archery and more. We have the commonly needed components and even those that are harder to find. You won’t be stuck trying to complete a project ever again.
We use our years of first-hand knowledge and experience to make sure our inventory is complete. We also make sure we get only reliable parts and accessories.
True Values Couched in Values
Understanding your needs means that we can offer you true value in our products. We do this by focusing on several values that are very important to hobbyists:
  • Precision: To enjoy our hobbies, we know that you need fine control and precision in the input. Our radio transmitter options allow for a seamless and smooth control experience. This lets you focus on having a great time.
  • Knowledgeability: Our telemetry modules and sensors provide you with all the information that you need to understand how your models perform. This allows serious hobbyists like you to more carefully tune your machines for better performance.
  • Reliability: Bearings, screws, hooks, cabling, tires, and so much more are little things. But these little things often meant the difference between a functional and non-working model. That’s why you can count on us for even the little things are done right.
  • Power: Whether you’re dealing with engines or batteries, we make sure that you are equipped with the most dependable components. If you’re driven by speed and strength, look no further than our inventory of the best brands.
You Get What You Pay For
With HorusRC, you don’t get anything for cheap but you also don’t get anything that’s cheap. Our products balance affordability with quality. We set ourselves apart from the competition by bringing only the best brands and products.
We do keep the prices lower than you’d expect. Because, hey, we’re just like you—always looking for affordability. We just don’t want to sell you items that will just break down after a few uses! No way, with HorusRC, you get only the very best.
What Sets Us Apart?
HorusRC is about balance. Value and dependability, price and quality—we always go for what’s ultimately best. That’s why we called ourselves HorusRC. This reminds us of the time that we all put into what we’re most passionate about. This reminds us that every moment is valuable and not to be wasted.
Shop with us now, and you’ll find everything that you need. Shop with us now, and we get you the very best for the most affordable price, in the quickest time allowable.
Why HorusRC?
Horus was one of the most significant gods of the Egyptian pantheon whose name meant “one who is above”. Fittingly, he was symbolized by a great Eye and was said to be the sky. We liked the symbolism and its connection to our drive as a company to be the top provider of all things RC. Like our namesake, we strive to ensure that you have everything you could want and need when you shop with us. Like our namesake, we are the sky and cover all your RC parts and accessories needs completely!