FrSky R9 Slim Manual. Review, Features And Specifications

The R9 Slim is a long range receiver that features up to 16 channels with low latency and telemetry with the Non-EU Version and up to 8 channels with telemetry and low latency and 16 channels with low latency but without telemetry with the EU firmware. As you can see in the FrSky R9 Slim manual, this receiver is an upgraded version of the previous R9 long range receivers but with lower latency, which supports redundancy and all packaged in its tiny shape and low weight.

FrSky 2.4 GHz ACCST Taranis x9d plus manual

Some time ago FrSky released a renewed version of the traditional Taranis X9D plus, in fact, they released two version to be exact, the X9D Plus 2019 and the X9D Plus 2019 SE which although they look similar to the previous version, many things have been changed, these newer versions come with hardware upgrades and new features, and not only that, but now you can choose the colour of the Taranis amongst a bigger colours selection, so let's check out the main differences between this transmitters according to its respective FrSky 2.4 GHz ACCST Taranis x9d plus manual.

FrSky Vantac AR+ Wing, the FrSky EPO molded wing

The FrSky Vantac AR+ Wing is a 900mm wing molded in white EPO with carbon fibre reinforcements to make the structure more durable and rigider and it doesn't increase the weight significantly. It features detachable wings for easy transport, and it includes different mounts for FPV cameras. FrSky promises that it is an easy to hand launch aircraft, and it is also stable and fast, being able to fly up to 180km/h at maximum throttle, and down to 20km/h, which makes it very easy to land it or to take it off.

FrSky Horus X12S Review, Specifications and more

In this FrSky Horus X12S review we are going to see the features and specifications of the X12S radio transmitter, which according to FrSky, it's his newest and most powerful radio. This transmitter has been designed and built with a premium design and premium components, from gimbals, to pots, including the switches and even any other component on it.

Experiences and opinions with the Taranis X9D

Today we are going to talk about my experiences and personal opinions with the FrSky Taranis X9D station, which is a relatively new station but one of the most used in the world of radio control, especially among drone pilots and airplanes.