Terms and Conditions

HorusRC, via hoursrc.com, is an online store wholly owned by HorusRC, a company incorporated under the laws of China (“HorusRC”). HorusRC reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, policies, notices below at any time without needing prior notice.
1. Usage and Regulations
The operation of any radio-controlled equipment in (country of sales) and other countries might require licensure, and some countries might forbid its use entirely. It is solely your responsibility that the use and operation of products and components purchased from HorusRC meets the necessary requirements set forth by your country regarding the use of such equipment as will use these components. HorusRC cannot be held liable for any actions under any and all circumstances that might be in violation of your country’s regulations and laws. Our sale of these products make no claim of legality in operation whatsoever.
2. Warning Notice
By purchasing from HorusRC, you automatically state that you’re aware of the inherent dangers of your particular hobby whether operating multi-rotor or other model aircraft or vehicles. Spinning propellers can result in major injuries and should never be mounted when working on other components like power units and control modules and others. Likewise, the specific composition of various types of battery packs can be dangerous and unstable if charged/handled incorrectly and run the risk of starting fires. Additionally, our power units, motors, and speed regulating units utilize significant electrical currents. Electrical shock is a risk when mishandled. HorusRC is free from liability for any damages that might arise from ignorance or misuse.
3. Limited Warranty & No Liability
Unless otherwise stated or offered by these product’s manufacturers explicitly, HorusRC provides no warranties and guarantees on all parts, accessories, and components that it sells or distributes. You assume all the risks for any products purchased from HorusRC. HorusRC and its representatives and employees are not held liable for any injuries, damages, or destruction of property that might result from the use of parts, accessories, and components on sale on our website. It falls on the purchaser/user to ensure the items’/products’ safe and proper use—including pursuit of warranties with each respective company that are directly responsible for these parts, accessories, and components.
3.1 Limited Replacements
Provided that HorusRC can verify that fault in an item is not due to misuse or misapplication, HorusRC can—at its sole discretion—opt to provide a replacement or offer repair. This is exclusive to cases where problems arise from manufacturer’s defects. However, HorusRC is not liable for equipment that has been damaged or lost as a result of the faulty item.
3.2 Errors in Publishing
While we always strive to ensure perfect accuracy with the information on our website, HorusRC cannot be held liable for any problems that may arise from erroneous product details on the website. It’s important to know that specifications and prices may change without the need to notify customers and the public at any time for whatever reason. For the most accurate specifications, pricing, availability, or other information, make sure to contact HorusRC customer service directly.
4. Revision/Site Suspension Rules
HorusRC reserves the right to modify or suspend operation of and access to the HorusRC website for any reason. We also reserve the right to change any section, portion, and component of the website and its terms and conditions for whatever reason. Lastly, we also reserve the right to interrupt operations in order to conduct routine or non-routine maintenance, error correction, and others at are sole discretion for whatever reason and for however long a duration.
5. Shipping/Delivery
HorusRC offers shipping to a wider range of destinations governed by the following rules:
  • We do not allow orders to be shipped to freight forwarding address. We ship to many destinations but only if these properties are the residential or commercial addresses of our customers
  • We do not allow for shipping to hotel addresses as these come with a too-high risk on our part and on the part of the customer.
  • Any shipments to PO Boxes are subject to review and can be approved or declined on a solely case-by-case basis.
  • If you opt for free shipping, we cannot provide you with a tracking number for your order. Horus RC also claims no responsibility for any items lost in transit.
  • Any order that are declined based on any of these rules are considered void with the order being automatically cancelled.
6. Import Taxes
It is highly uncommon that any customers of Horus RC will have their shipments subject to customs inspections upon entry into the United States. However, if that’s the case, Horus RC cannot be held liable for any and all customs issues including, but not limited to, tariffs, taxes, import laws, and seizures for whatever reasons given. Several issues, however, deserve better scrutiny.
Value Added Tax & Sales Tax
Horus RC undertakes the responsibility of declaring taxes on goods sold to our respective government agencies where we operated. However, there might be charges incurred at your end depending on the specific law governing international trade and imports in your region. It’s always best to inquire with local governing bodies for the sake of accuracy in computation.
Import Taxes & Tariffs
It should also be noted that certain areas of your country might waive such taxes and tariffs depending on the monetary value of the items purchased. As we have no direct control over the taxation rules and laws of any country or governing body, we have no means to accurately represent how much these cost would be and leave it to your responsibility to inquire.
Should there be any concerns on your part regarding these or any taxes that may possibly affect the final pricing you will have to shoulder, Horus RC recommends that you contact your local government and its regulatory agencies in order to get the most accurate assessment given your location relative to the source location of the items you are about to purchase.