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Welcome To Our Affiliate Network!

How would you like to earn money without having to actually sell anything? A lot of people find sales to be uncomfortable or difficult. With Horus RC’s Affiliate Program, it’s so much easier to make money. You just promote Horus RC products on your website, your existing blog, social media, or any other online platform and you’ll get commissions on any sales that you’re able to refer. It takes so little effort because the products sell themselves!
Wait! So how does the Affiliate Program work?
We issue a unique affiliate URL that leads customers to our site through any of your online platforms that you choose to promote our website and products on. If a customer reaches via your affiliate line and then places an order and makes a purchase within 15 days, you earn a commission. That commission comes in the form of Referral Points on the sale. These points can then be traded in for cash—which will be paid out via PayPal or Western Union, discount codes, or even Horus RC products if yo’d like.
But what kind of affiliate link will I get? Do I have to make them myself?
The beauty of the Horus RC Affiliate Program is that we supply you with all the colorful and beautiful banners to use as well as text links that you can use however you like. These all come with a uniquely identified link that ensures that users that click on one of the links are marked as being your referrals. These links simply take them to our website where their activities are automatically tracked. When they buy something, you earn Points!
With our easy-to-use and intuitive system, you can log in as an affiliate anytime you’d like in order to check all the details that you need to know. You’ll be able to track sales, traffic, and even your specific commission balance at any given moment.
What other benefits are on offer?
  • 10% Commission on All Sales
Signing up to our program is free and easy. You don’t put out anything but effort and you earn immediately.
  • High Conversion & Average Sale Value
Horus RC customers are normally wholesale/reseller buyers. That means that order values are usually very high! Because of the rarity of many of these specialist items, you can expect your earning potential to be very high indeed.
  • Repeat Cycles
Your customer doesn’t need to make a purchase then and there for you to earn. There’s a generous timeframe for them to return in order to tag it as a commission-releasing order!
  • Creative Support
If you’re worried about the look of the banners, don’t! Horus RC will provide you with beautifully made banners and text links that will ensure that they’re a nice fit into any medium you apply them to.
  • Reliable & Secure Tools
Horus RC is all about quality customer service, and that extends to our affiliates. We provide you with all the tools to track, generate reports, check on commissions, and even troubleshoot to ensure that you have all you need to comfortably run your affiliate program.
  • We Handle the Hard Stuff
Again, putting up these banners and setting up the text links is all that you have to do! We take care of everything else: from taking the orders, to shipping, and even providing customer service that they need. You just send them to us and take care of the money you earn.
  • The Next Level: Video Promotions
YouTube and Vimeo are increasingly becoming popular sources of information on top of entertainment and our product videos represent an opportunity to educate and sell. Upload these onto your accounts over these or any other streaming service and you take advantage of the massive traffic these sites generate.
How are commissions calculated?
We compute commissions as a percentage of all total orders placed by a referred customer. This is based on your rank of affiliate membership, of which there are three. Again, all these are frees and are determined based on how much you manage to sell on your affiliate account. These are the ranks and rules, but the general rule is sell more, earn more!
Basic: You get 4% commission on your sales to make around USD 4 per USD 100 in referrals. This is the level that all affiliates start on.
Silver:You achieve this rank when your sales reach USD 4000. This rank will earn you 6% commission or around USD 6 per USD 100 in referrals.
Gold:You achieve this rank when your sales reach USD 8000. This rank will earn you 8% commission or around USD 8 per USD 100 in referrals.
VIP:You reach this higher rank when you reach USD 12000 in sales. This rank earns you the highest commission at 10% or USD 10 per USD 100 in referrals.
We lock in your points/commission earned for around 45 days after the order has been shipped in order to account for any problems or refunds that may need to be dealt with. Once this period passes, the points are all yours to spend however you want!
What are the rules for creating an affiliate website, social media page, or blog?
You’re, of course, allowed to create a website, social media page, or blog hat may suit your affiliate strategy specifically. Note, however, that your channel cannot be visually simiar to any existing Horus RC channel. Avoid using Horus RC in the site’s page or profile name. This includes use of Horus RC’s logo as the profile logo, cover image, header, etc.
Do not also give the impression of being representative to and for Horus RC. We encourage you to create your own identity—one that is wholly your own. Apart from preventing any confusion that may arise, it also protects your from any responsibilities that Horus RC has to its customers and partners. It will also free you from any liabilities and problems in the future.
How do I generate banner referral links?
If you want to place a banner of our website or its products on your affiliate site, just go to your account’s banner referral code generator. You get to select the size or type with the matching html codes that you can access. Or, if you want true convenience, fire out an email to and request one to be made!

Affiliate Program Commission Type 4% Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver
Tier Commission Level 1 4% of sales amount
Level 26% of sales amount
Level 38% of sales amount
Level 410% of sales amount
Payout Requirements $100.00 - Minimum balance required for payout.
Discount policy 0% discount on each purchased item