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What is a pre-order?
A “pre-order” is a newly announced product that has not been made commercially available yet. When a customer places a “pre-order,” he is reserving the item for when it becomes in stock and shippable at a later date; when available, an ETA (estimated time of arrival) date will display near the Pre Order icon on the product page. All pre-orders must be pre-paid in full to reserve the product. 
Pre-order priority 
Pre-orders are saved in a "first come, first served" fashion within the VIP status hierarchy of the HorusRC
VIP Rewards Program. The priority attached to the VIP status determines where the VIP members’ reservation will be placed on the Pre-Order list; VIP Platinum members will receive the highest level of priority, followed by Gold, Silver, Basic, and non-members who may still reserve a pre-order item. 
HorusRC always attempts to secure enough products to fulfill 100% of customer pre-orders. All pre-order customers will be notified via email when the product is being shipped to your address. 
Who can place pre-orders? 
All customers are eligible to place pre-orders, however, priority is based upon your VIP Rewards member status. 
Do pre-orders require to be paid? 
At this time, all HorusRC pre-orders require being paid in full.    
How to place a pre-order
Any item showing the pre-order button next to it means that item is on order but has yet to be released. You may order any pre-order items by placing those items in your shopping cart and going through the normal checkout process. You will be required to pay for the pre-order items you wish to order. 
How will I know when pre-orders are shipped? 
HorusRC will notify you via email as soon as your pre-order items are ready to be shipped to your address. The email will also include tracking information and an estimated time of arrival.