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by LIM on 06/16/2018
엑스 라이트엔 꼭 필수입니다 구입하세요

롱레인지 수신기도 작습니다 무조건 강추

by LIM on 06/16/2018
완전 좋습니다 정말 추천합니다

우선 작아진 사이즈에 손에 촥 감깁니다. 그리고 액정은 기존 타라니스보다 작지만 똑 같이 표기 합니다. 수신감도 또한 좋습니다.

by Jesse on 06/02/2018
Quality radio.

The radio feels great in the hands. The gimbals are a shorter throw so it will seem more sensitive when compared to a traditional radio with the sa...

by Andrey on 05/28/2018
Decent remote controller for money

Being a loyal FrSky user as well as a gamer with a Steam Controller, I love the new form-factor which feels solid in my hands and it's too bulky no...

by Michel on 05/19/2018
Pratique pour les planeurs

Convient trés bien pour les planeurs, vario et altimètre via la télémétrie, mais...... pas du tout protégé contre les inversions de polarité.

by Vidar on 05/15/2018
Quality Gimbal

Excellent quality and service from Horusrc.They had the best price i could find on net on this gimbal!

by Steve on 05/09/2018
good replacement parts

`hey, I'm just doing this for the points, but if you need replacement sliders, then you need replacement sliders

by ElPato on 05/08/2018
Improving over time ...

Very nice move from FRSKY on this R9 Slim receiver. Initially the firmware was faulty but today with last firmware performance is good and we as ...

by Erez on 04/13/2018
The greatet Xmtr

I have upgrade myself from Frsky Taranis X9D+ to the Horus X10S, is is a great transmitter. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1957335924526585/perma...

by Pavel Philippov on 03/29/2018
Antenna for FRSKY XM, XM+, R-XSR and XMPF3E Flight Controller

I did buy this for XMPF3E flight controller. Fider (shielded wire) length is 70 mm. Antenna length is approximately 31mm. Thanks Frsky and HorusRC...

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