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  1. Welcome to HorusRC, being a premier dealer for FrSky we have access to the latest FrSky products. We receive the latest new products including the most recent upgrades and updates. Since we are near to FrSky Electronics, our cost to you is the lowest around.
  2. An excellent reason to buy from HorusRC is our superb customer service team. Customers enjoy world-class service by phone, email, and Facebook online. Whether placing an order or getting technical help from our US Service team representative, HorusRC will assist you in all your RC Hobby needs. Feel free to contact us through email (
  3. We are the one-stop Hobby Shop for all your FrSky RC Gear, RC Drone, and RC Hobby needs. HorusRC stocks the full FrSky line of products and top brand RC Gear. Looking for parts for your FrSky Radio, look no further because HorusRC has a full line of parts for each FrSky transmitter and Teceiver. We carry parts to build and maintain your fleet of Multirotors, fixed-wing models, and gliders. FPV also a great passion of ours, that’s why we carry all the FPV gear you will need for your RC Drone. HorusRC is made up of RC Hobby enthusiasts that know what pilots need and the products we carry are carefully selected by our team of experts. Whether you're looking for a new RC Transmitter for your latest masterpiece or looking for parts to refresh that old Taranis, we have what you're looking for under one roof.
  4. From Fixed wings to FPV Drones, all the various aircraft we carry are completely compatible with FrSky Transmitters. We take all the guesswork out which model is compatible with which radio. We can also help you refresh or repair your radios with the largest collection of FrSky Transmitter factory parts in stock at all times. Enjoy free shipping when purchasing an RC Transmitter and quick shipping anywhere in the world.
  5. Our team of customer support experts is here to assist you whether it’s placing an order or troubleshooting your RC radio or transmitter.  We stock some of the biggest names in the RC Hobby world, and only the products our staff and customers want to use. You can be confident that your order will be sent by HorusRC with a in a friendly and timely manner (as if it was out own order).