FrSky BLHeli32 USB Linker for Neuron ESC

FrSky BLHeli32 USB Linker for Neuron ESC

FrSky 40A Neuron 40 ESC for RC Hobby

FrSky 40A Neuron 40 ESC for RC Hobby

FrSky S.Port Compatible Neuron 8A SBEC

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The 8A SBEC is the latest S.Port-capable accessory in the Neuron Series line-up.

The 8A SBEC acts as an independent regulator and supports a maximum current of up to 8 amps. The unit can be used to provide regulated power to receivers, lights, sound systems, and servos that require a constant voltage at higher amps to operate.

The Neuron SBEC is completely S.Port compatible by connecting directly to FrSky S.Port receivers. Upload the LUA script for your FrSky transmitter and the SBEC voltage can be changed from 5~8.4V remotely. In addition, the voltage can also be adjusted by Free Link App by connecting the S.Port to an Airlink S Wireless Module.


  • Dimension: 38.6*21.6*9 mm (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 21.5g
  • Adjustable Output Voltage: 5~8.4V
  • Max Output Current: 8A
  • LiPo Cells Input: 2S (MAX 5A@5V) ~ 6S


  • Smart Port enabled and telemetry data (Current & Voltage) transmission supported
  • Adjustable SBEC output voltage through LUA script or through Free Link App with Airlink S
  • Supports maximum current up to 8 amps


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