1/12 All Terrain RC Off-Road Vehicle SG-1205

1/12 All Terrain RC Off-Road Vehicle SG-1205

1/14 ZX135US Dual Pumps Metal Mini RC Digger Metal Construction Car Hydraulic Excavator with Sound and Lighting Remote Control System

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1. Hydraulic System

• Built-in Dual Pump system deeply working with FrSky ETHOS control system (to complete the automatic compensation for the directional valve flow), enhancing the linear movements and operational smoothness of linkages;

• High-precision processed Gear Pump (Self-developed): High efficiency with low noise, the pressure can be maintained stable at 4-6MPa;

Ultra-precision processed 6-way Directional Valve (Self-developed and driven by FrSky Act Servos): Good sealing capability, excellent linearity, and precision performance on micro-operation control;

Oil Circuit Block: For the connections of the oil tank, gear pump, and reversing valve, it brings a compact and reliable structure and can prevent oil leakage as well;

• Stable and Reliable Oil Circuit System: Built with copper pipe welding and high-pressure resistant hose. Adapted with the standard interface, which can be quickly connected for future upgrades.

2. Modular Design with High Reducibility and Robustness

• Delicate Appearance: Extremely restore the details of the original excavator designs

• Stainless 304-made steel arms and all structural parts are CNC machined

3. More Fun

• The excavator comes with 3-stage arms and a dozer blade, which adds the capabilities and flexibility to have it complete some simulation construction tasks;

• It features a quick-install hydraulic coupler design: exchanging the buckets based on the different work application scenarios turns out even easier without installing the components manually on the machine.

• Equipped with lighting and sound systems. The warning light sits on top of the driving room, and the system can remotely play the simulation Engine-On and Warning sounds by pressing the set buttons through the Tandem X18 ETHOS radio;

• The door, skylight window, and front guard fence of the Driver's cab can be manually opened and closed;

Specifications & Features

  • • Net Weight:9.6kg (Net weight w/o battery and oil)
  • • Package Size:16kg/720*480*360mm
  • • Quick-Install Hydraulic Coupler Design
  • • Dozer Blade & 2 Types of Excavator Buckets
  • • Dual Hydraulic Pump and 6 Valve Blocks
  • • Dual Brushless Motors
  • • Built-in Sound and Lighting Control System

Packing List

  • • 1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator ×1
  • • 2 Types of Excavator Buckets (Normal & Ditch Cleaning)
  • • Side View Mirror Accessory Set ×1
  • • Breathable Screw for Oil Tank ×1
  • • Excavator Body Pattern Stickers
  • • Customized FrSky X18 Radio with loading programmed Model File ×1
  • • FrSky Receiver ×1 (Built Inside)
  • • FrSky ACT Series Servos ×6 (Built Inside)

What else do you need to prepare?

  • • 3S 1500mAh Li-Po Battery is Recommended
  • • Battery Charger
  • • Hydraulic Oil Fluid


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