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FrSky Mount Kit

FrSky Mount Kit

FrSky MC12P Hall Sensor Gimbal for Horus X10/X10S

FrSky MC12P Hall Sensor Gimbal for Horus X10/X10S

FrSky M7-R Hall Sensor Gimbal for FrSky Taranis Q X7 & X7S

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FrSky M7-R hall sensor gimbal is specially designed for FPV racing, 3D and acrobatic fixed wing and 3D Heli pilots who are using the FrSky Taranis Q X7/X7S Transmitter. The 45°throttle travel will allow you to achieve a quick throttle response resulting in precision control.

Feature :

  • 45°throttle travel for quick throttle response
  • Hall sensor
  • 4 ball-bearings
  • Adjustable tension
  • Ideal for FPV RACING, 3D and acrobatic fixed wing, 3D Hell
  • Stick End Diameter 4MM

Specification :

  • Supply Voltage (VCC): DC 3.0±0.5V
  • Sensitivity: 2.50 mV/G
  • Linear Output Voltage Range: 0.1 ~ (VCC +0.1) V
  • Quiescent Output (TA = 25℃, B = 0 G): 0.5 × VCC
  • Noise (no load): ≤40mVpp​
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