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FrSky GPS ADV sensor

FrSky GPS ADV sensor

FrSky ASS70 ADV Air Speed Sensor

FrSky ASS70 ADV Air Speed Sensor

FrSky PS30 ADV Pressure Sensor

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FrSky have enhanced the performance and capability of the original sensor line, and developed the new ADVANCE (ADV) series sensors. All ADV sensors fully support FBUS protocol and they are also S.Port compatible. With the FBUS protocol, the ADV sensors can be seamlessly paired with the FBUS capable receiver which further simplifies model builds.

The PS30 ADV pressure sensor can be used to measure the air pressure on your model’s air system. Having the air pressure telemetry on the radio gives you the flexibility to set alarms, and trigger actions that can be done based on the air pressure information received from the sensor, such as alarms for pressure drops, lowering the retracts if the lower threshold has been passed, etc.

The PS30 PRESS sensor module is connecting to your existing system via the provided 4mm/6mm diameter T-connector (up to 15Bar). Please note the sensor can measure up to 30 Bar (435 psi) with a capable T-connector.


  • Dimension: 37*20*7mm (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 2.9g
  • Operating Voltage: 4-10V
  • Current Drain: 5mA@5V
  • Pressure Measurement
    - Measurement Range: 0-30Bar (435psi)
    - Overpressure: 50Bar
  • Safety Pressure (with provided Tee-Junction): 15Bar
  • Compatible with FBUS/S.Port protocol

Package Included:

  • 1x FrSky PS30 ADV Pressure Sensor
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