FrSky RB25S Built_in Advanced Stabilization Functions

FrSky RB25S Built_in Advanced Stabilization Functions

FrSky RB35 Supports External LED Indication

FrSky RB35 Supports External LED Indication

FrSky RB30+ Dual Power and Triple Receiver Redundancy Unit

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The upgraded redundancy hub
Previous redundancy bus models offered a dual-power with a dual-receiver design, the RB30+ allows the user to use a triple redundancy by adding a multiplex port (RX3 IN / SBUS Out) and uses a set of standard XT30 plugs which provides a safe and efficient way to provide power.

Up to 24 PWM channels with overload protection
The RB30+ supports connecting up to 24 high-voltage servos with overload protection added to each output channel. Eight of the channels (CH1-8) are equipped with current sensors.

The diversified sensors
The RB30+ is an extensive sensor module with a built-in gyroscope that supports model stabilizing functions and includes other diversified telemetry feedback like the voltage, power consumption, altitude, and a lot more. It can be used as an alternative to using a GR or S series receiver.

NFC Switch & Automatic data logging functions
The non-contact NFC switch is an external device that enables the power to be switched on/off on command without the need to plug/unplug the battery connections. Once power is connected, the black-box function is automatically activated and immediately starts recording the data.


  • Dual Power & Triple Receiver Guarantee
  • High-voltage Servo Supported (Up to 24 PWM servos)
  • Overload Protection on Each Channel
  • Channel 1 – 8 with Current Detection
  • Supports Stabilization Function with Built-in Gyroscope Sensor
  • Multiple configuration methods (Lua script and FreeLink)
  • Compatible with FrSky S.Port products
  • Various S.Port Telemetry Feedbacks (Voltage, Current, Power Consumption, etc.)
  • Black Box Data Record Function
  • Non-contact NFC Switch Function
  • *Dual Power Balancing Consumption
  • *Independently Configurable Dual BEC Outputs
  • *Customized Pin Mapping in Stabilization Mode


  • Dimension: 114.4*73.4*18.7mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Number of Servo Connector: up to 24
  • Operating temperature:-20℃~75℃
  • Recommended input voltage range : DC 11~26V
  • OUTPUT1&OUTPUT2:SBEC OUTPUT, Continuous Current: 2*15A@5~8.4V

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