FrSky RB35 Supports External LED Indication

FrSky RB35 Supports External LED Indication

FrSkyPower Switch_Offers a safe and flexible powering solution for controlling power in RC model builds

FrSkyPower Switch_Offers a safe and flexible powering solution for controlling power in RC model builds

Raldey Carbon AT V.2 Off-road Electric Skateboard


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AT V.2

Products Descriptions

***Generation 2 model Raldey Carbon AT All terrain electric skateboard***

Introducing the all-new redesigned Raldey Carbon AT 2nd generation. After years of testing with the first generation, we have made three main improvements to our new second generation. 


1. We tweaked and improved our existing Hobbywing ESC, which now comes with 20% more power. The second generation reaches speeds of 45km/h (28 mph) with 195mm (7.5 inches) wheels, powered by two 6368 belt motors of 1500 Watts each.

2. The second update we made was mounting our two belt motors behind the board. This makes the board look much more aggressive and also protects them from diverse terrains. Our airless wheels of 165mm (6.5 inches) and 195mm (7.5 inches) are comfortable and require much less maintenance compared to traditional pneumatic wheels. Now you don't need to worry about popping a tire while offroading on your favorite trails. Also, they sit on 254mm (10-inch) double kingpin trucks.

3. The final update our team made was adding a new honeycomb design foam grip tape. This small feature improves the comfort of our carbon fiber decks. The deck is comprised of Japanese T700 carbon fiber for a lightweight and sleek setup for the electronics and battery enclosure.



  • Wheel Options: 165mm (6.5in) / 195mm (7.5in)
  • Product Dimension: 910*245*165mm (35” by 9.6” by 6.5”) / 910*245*195mm (35” by 9.6” by 7.5”)
  • Weight: 10.7kg
  • Deck: 100% Japanese T700 Carbon fiber, lightweight and sleek Max Load: 120kg (265lbs)
  • Top Speed: 46km/h (28.5mph) (with the 195mm wheel option) Hill Grade: 30%
  • Battery: 14Ah 10S4P Range: 30km (19miles)
  • Motors: Two, each 6368
  • Motors rated output power: Two, each 6368 1500w x 2
  • Motors max output power: Two, each 6368 2500w x2
  • Maximum weight limit:240 lbs


The Board cannot be fully charged under transportation, so please charge Board in full before your first ride.
And for more protection of the battery, we also suggest you charge it after the end of use and then put it away.

Packaging Includes:

  • Electric Skateboard*1
  • Remote Control*1
  • Remote Control Charging Cable*1
  • Skateboard Charger*1
  • T Type Tool*1
  • User Manual*1

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