FrSky Tandem XE Tray radio/transmitter 2.4G & 900M dual-band

FrSky Tandem XE Tray radio/transmitter 2.4G & 900M dual-band

FrSky TWIN X-Lite Transmitter Dual 2.4G Radio System

FrSky TWIN X-Lite Transmitter Dual 2.4G Radio System

FrSky DUAL 2.4GHz TW R6/ R6FB Receiver



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FrSky TW R6 Receiver


TWIN series TW R6 receiver features a new stable TW protocol that benefits from simultaneously integrating dual active 2.4G frequency bands. The TW active-active protocol is different from the general active-standby redundancy solutions (where one receiver takes over signal control only when the other is in Failsafe mode), with the TW protocol, dual 2.4G frequency bands are active on the TW series receiver at the same time. This receiver is designed for RC users who want to benefit from resilience and long-range in their radio communications, typically up to tens of kilometers is achievable.

The TW R6 receiver is equipped with 2x 2.4G antennas. The signal output ports include one SBUS output channel and 6 PWM output channel ports. It also supports telemetry functions through FBUS / S.Port. By setting the TW R6 to use FBUS protocol in the ETHOS system, the signal control and telemetry can be connected to any device that supports FBUS protocol through only one line to achieve bidirectional transmission, also simplifying the model build using fewer wires. In addition to all this, the inverted S.Port on the receiver can allow for easily connecting flight controllers.

In addition, TW R6 also supports 4ms race mode with ultra-low latency. When combining race mode with TW series resilient dual 2.4G solution, racers have a fast, stable, and reliable signal in racing competitions, without fear of signal loss due to interference.


● Simultaneous working dual 2.4G TW mode
● Black-Box function
● 4ms race mode with telemetry
● Long control range (Range varies based on the RF Power settings.)
● 6 PWM channel ports
● SBUS Out (Supports 16CH / 24CH mode)
● FBUS / S.Port
● Inverted S.Port


●Frequency: Dual 2.4GHz
●Dimension: 38.1*14.6*9.5mm (L*W*H)
●Weight: 5g
●Operating Voltage: 3.5-10V (Please ensure the supplied voltage exceeds 2.8V during the use.)
●Operating Current: 60mA@5V
●Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device): 0-36V
●Antenna connector: IPEX4
●Compatibility: TWIN series Radio & RF module in TW mode.

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