Raldey  Carbon AT V.2 Off-road Electric Skateboard

Raldey Carbon AT V.2 Off-road Electric Skateboard

Raldey WASP Electric Mountainboard, 3K Carbon Fiber Deck, 12S4P


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Raldey WASP Electric Mountainboard


  • Dimensions: 120x48x20cm/ 47x19x8in
  • Wheel: 8in / 200mm Inflatable Wheels 
  • Weight: 28lbs / 12.7kg
  • Deck: 3K Carbon Fiber Deck
  • Battery Capacity: 12S4P, 907.2WH
  • Max Range: 36 Miles / 56km
  • Max Speed: 32 Mph / 51km/h
  • Motor: 6374 140KV
  • Rated Power: 1500W*2
  • Truck: 12 inches CNC Forged Trucks
  • Max Climbing Grade: 40%
  • Max Load:180kg
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 485 lbs / 220kg
  • Waterproof rating: IP65

If you've always had a thing for the NYCKALY boards or even the TRAMPA Mountain boards, you will not be disappointed. Everyone else can immediately be Boosted but not everyone can immediately NYCKALY boards. With 32mph and 36 miles of range, you won't ever question spending 5,000$ on an Eboard. For less than 2,000$ you get the board of your dreams, hands down. This is the perfect board for everyone. MAX WEIGHT 485lbs. So grab your biggest buddy and let's ride.


Raldey WASP is very powerful. Wear a helmet and proper protection at all times. Serious injury or even death can occur if the rider is misusing this product and not wearing proper protection. Have fun and stay safe!


The Board & Remote cannot be fully charged for shipping, so please charge the Board & Remote fully to experience the full potential of the Raldey.

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